Andrew Barillari, Director of Educational Operations
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The Colchester Public Schools facilities are designed and maintained to support the program of curriculum and instruction being presented to students. In addition the schools are available for the citizens of Colchester to use when school is not in session.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

August, 2023 Town of Colchester Public Works Director's Statement on Colchester Water

February, 2020 CES and WJJMS Radon Testing Results

Asbestos Management Plan Notification

Green Cleaning Program Notification

Integrated Pest Management Program Notification

Building Descriptions

ED050 State of CT School Facilities Survey

Use of Facilities

Use of the facilities of Colchester Public Schools by members of the community is governed by Board of Education Policy. A copy of the policy and regulations can be obtained at any school office, the Board of Education Office, Colchester Parks and Recreation Department or by clicking on the link below.

Facility Use Policy

Facility Use Regulation

Facility Use Forms

Applications and related information for the use of a school facility can also be obtained at any school, the Board of Education Office, the Colchester Parks and Recreation Department or by clicking on the links below. Completed applications should be submitted to the school whose facility you wish to use or in the case of an athletic field or gymnasium, the Parks and Recreation Department.

The following forms can be completed before you print them if you wish.

Form 1


Form 2

Activity Safety Report

Form 3

Indemnification and Release Form

Form 4

Fire Marshal Approval Form

Form 5

Use of School Equipment Form

Form 6A

Rental Charge Schedule

Form 6B

Fee Schedule

Form 7

Application Checklist

It is only necessary to complete the forms required for your activity.