BA Student Alexandra Skilton Google Finalist

BA Student Alexandra Skilton Google Finalist
Posted on 07/05/2022

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Alexandra Skilton


From July 7 - July 12, 2022

Alexandra Skilton, a student at Bacon Academy, has won the Connecticut Doodle for Google design competition. She will now represent the State of Connecticut against other state winners in a nation-wide contest. The winner of the competition will be awarded money towards a college of their choice, and will win their school mone toward a technology package. Winners of the contest will have their artwork displayed on the Google homepage. We can support Alexandra, our CT State winner, by voting for her beginning July 7 using the link or QR code below.


Help Alexandra win the NATIONAL Doodle For Google competition and get her design on Google’s website, earn a hefty scholarship, and a significant gift to Bacon Academy!  Vote everyday from:


Orjust scan this QR code and it will take you there!

 (Note: Voting begins again on July 7th)