June 4, 2021 Digital Backpack

District Information:

  • Current mask policy is as follows, based on recent guidance from the Connecticut State Department of Education: 

“Specific to outdoor settings, masks are not required, but we recommend continuing mask wearing for students and staff in situations where students and/or staff are outdoors and in close contact while stationary (e.g., sitting/standing together in a group). Where students are actively moving around during recess or physical education activities, masks can be removed. Masks should also be on when going out of the building to recess and back into the building afterward. Good hand hygiene should be emphasized before and after outdoor activities.”

Masks continue to be required for all staff and students inside school buildings for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Masks will be mandatory for any CPS summer programs until we receive further guidance from CT-DPH or CSDE. At this time, public health officials have not released mask recommendations for the fall. Once such recommendations have been announced, we will adjust our procedures accordingly.

  • Announcing the 2021 Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) Dream Big! Competition. State Treasurer Shawn T. Wooden announced the re-launch of the annual CHET Dream Big! competition. This year, more than $250,000 in CHET account contributions will be awarded to students in grades K-8 with a total of 477 students each receiving a $529 CHET account contribution. CHET will also award $100,000 to the class of 2022 with five students winning $5,000 each and 75 students winning $1,000 each. The competition begins May 29, 2021, and ends September 22, 2021. For additional information and entry forms please visit: CHETDreamBig.com.

Upcoming Week: June 7-11


  • Monday & Tuesday: full in-person learning
  • Wednesday: in-person, shortened day
  • Thursday & Friday: full in-person learning

Bacon Academy

  • Monday & Tuesday: Group 1 in-person
  • Wednesday: All remote, shortened day
  • Thursday & Friday: Group 2 in-person

Digital Backpack Links for Each School:

Community News:

  • UCFS Healthcare in Colchester is offering children’s support groups via Telehealth. Call the UCFS Colchester Behavioral Health Center at 860-537-7676 today to learn more. For more information: Colchester Groups for Kids.pdf

Colchester Parks and Recreation:

  • DAY CAMP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL FAMILIES: CT State Department of Education Announced the Recipients of 2021 Summer Enrichment Grants that were awarded to “expand high-quality summer enrichment programs for Connecticut children.” Colchester Parks and Recreation is proud to accept this grant on behalf of the Colchester youth, and we welcome the opportunities this will provide.  For additional information:  Day Camp Funds Available for Local Families.pdf

Colchester Youth & Social Services:

C3, Collaborative for Colchester’s Children:

  • A new book, 'My Happy Year by E. Bluebird', has been posted at the StoryWalk® at Ruby & Elizabeth Cohen Woodlands, 96 McDonald Road. For more information: My Happy Year.png