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World Languages

Learning another language is important in today's increasingly global society! When you study another language, you learn about the culture of the countries where that language is spoken. Understanding and accepting other cultures helps you to be more tolerant of people and situations in your own culture which may be new or different to you. Knowing another language is also useful if you plan a career in business, media, education, professional translation, law, medicine, science, politics, service occupations, fashion and travel, to name a few.

Our courses provide students with the opportunity to become linguistically and culturally competent in a world that increasingly demands proficiency in communicative language. The study of a foreign language at the high school level can be both a rewarding and demanding endeavor.

Success in the study of English is a strong indicator of potential for success in the study of another language. Other factors leading to success in foreign language study are a sincere desire to learn, good study habits, and a willingness to do homework on a regular basis.

Students should begin the study of foreign language with a commitment to continue that study for at least two years. One year's study of another language is of little lasting value; only after three years can students expect to be able to use the second language with any real success. Students who have an interest in going to college should make every effort to successfully complete at least three sequential years of one World Language. Students who are planning to attend a particular college/university should find out the specific requirements for entrance, since many of them have both entrance and exit requirements. Students who achieve strongly in one language should consider: 1) Taking advanced levels of a first world language; 2) Adding a second world language in the 10th or 11th grade.

In all levels of world language, students are expected to learn to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively in a variety of formats, using their writing and oral language skills. Students are also exposed to a variety of authentic texts which are used to develop the ability to effectively read, analyze, and evaluate information. Use of the language lab and the world language computer lab by all classes is an integral part of instruction, allowing students to improve their listening and speaking skills in a variety of contexts while also improving their use of applications of technology. In addition, all world language students are encouraged to use these labs independently to improve their skills.


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