Update from the Board of Education Chair

Update from the Board of Education Chair
Posted on 09/16/2022
 Update from the Board Chair

September 16, 2022

Greetings from the Board of Education! The Board would like to take a moment to congratulate the following CPS staff for their outstanding devotion to our students in their respective buildings:

Certified Staff of the Year

Melissa Elliot

Eric Shane

Nathalie Peltier-Horton

Peter Arseneault

Non-Certified Staff of the Year

Lura Rafala

Elizabeth Ringuette

Tracey Crowley

Brianna Alessio


Classified Staff of the Year


Lori Afonso

Heidi Litwin

Dorothy Gardner

Kelly Gagosz

Danielle Bossie


Additionally, the Board would like to thank and acknowledge the following CPS employees for being this year’s District Staff of the Year:

Peter Arseneault, Teacher of the Year

Elizabeth Ringuette, Paraprofessional of the Year

Heidi Litwin, Nurse of the Year


Thank you all for the hard work and dedication you have demonstrated to our students during the past school year!

Currently, the search for a new principal at Bacon Academy is winding down. The second round of interviews will be conducted the week of September 16th. A final candidate will be presented to the Board within the next week or two. Meanwhile, the search for a permanent superintendent is still ongoing.

The District has filled all but two of its teaching vacancies for the current school year which was no easy task during a nationwide teacher shortage. The Board would like to extend its thanks to all the administrators who made this possible. Furthermore, the Board would like to welcome our new teaching staff to the district and thank them for all they do for our students.

During the latest BOE meeting, the Board approved a new special education supervisor position which is a greatly needed structural change. The special education supervisor will improve the delivery of Colchester’s special education programs by providing support for special education and specialized programs and oversight of the PPT process within buildings. This is a terrific win for all our special education students. Thank you to Glenn McGrath, Amy Emory, Elisa Fabiszak and Dr. McDowell for their time and effort in leading the charge in creating the special education supervisor position.


Respectfully Submitted,

Alex Oliphant, Chair, Colchester Board of Education



Update from the Board Chair 9.16.22