Board of Education

The Colchester Board of Education is a seven-member elected Board. Members serve staggered four-year terms. As required by Connecticut state law and the Town Charter, the Board of Education oversees the operation of all public elementary and secondary schools in Colchester. The Board establishes policies and procedures designed to further the District's mission, as stated in the District's Strategic Plan:

"Colchester Public Schools are committed to establishing and maintaining strong parent-community-school partnerships to provide a safe, engaging, and effective learning environment to meet the unique needs of individual students. These partnerships are dedicated to promoting student well-being and the highest level of academic excellence measured by established performance standards and real-world applications. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to ensure the success of each and every student".

Although the Board's oversight authority is broad, the Board delegates the administration and day-to-day operation of the District to the Superintendent and the other members of the administrative team. Working together, the Board, Administrators, and the community at large are fully engaged in the task of providing a quality education to Colchester's young citizens and ensuring that all have the tools for a lifetime of success.


The Board can be contacted at [email protected]