Transportation Letter

Dear Parent/Guardians,

In August, students are assigned to bus routes based on their home address regardless of arrangements made the previous year. Assignment to one (1) additional bus route for arrival or departure to accommodate child care arrangements will be approved only after a Waiver is obtained from the Transportation Department. This waiver will allow two consistent bus stops solely for daycare due to parents/guardians employment. Students will not be assigned to more than a total of two buses. To ensure the safety and comfort of all students, we ask that you observe the following guidelines regarding changes; 

Bus change requests require review and approval by School Administrators and the Transportation Department. These requests are considered when written notifications have been sent from parent/guardian to the school office at least one week in advance of the requested change date.

(Note: three (3) weeks before school opening). 

Day care arrangements from the previous year are not automatically transferred to the next year. A waiver must be requested annually. 

All changes must be received three weeks before school opening to ensure processing for the first day of school. Any changes received after this date will not be in effect until two weeks after the first day of school. Any changes made thereafter will have a one week waiting period. Please arrange for a back up daycare provider if you do not meet this cutoff date. Forms will be available online. 

Bus changes for routine child care must be reasonable and the days consistent so as not to be confusing to the child, teacher or driver