Curriculum Revision Cycle

Colchester Public Schools reviews PreK-12 curricula and programming every five years. Nearing the conclusion of the 5-year period, a programmatic evaluation is conducted to review the impact of the curriculum on student learning outcomes, as well as the resources supporting the curriculum. A team of Colchester Public Schools educators are assembled to make recommendations for improvements to programming based upon national curricular frameworks, Connecticut state frameworks, research, and evidence-based practice. Those recommendations are then presented to the Board of Education. The 5-year review cycle is linked below.

5-Year Curriculum Review Schedule

Board of Education Approved Curricula

Computer Science (In Review)

Career & Technical Education (2019)

Digital Literacy & Innovations (2020)

English Language Arts (2020)

Health & Balanced Living (2020)

Math (2022)

Music (2024)

Preschool (2023)

School Counseling (In Review)

Social Emotional Learning (2023)

Social Studies (2018)

Visual Literacy (2019)

World Language (2019)

Writing (In Review)