Curriculum Revision Cycle

Colchester Public Schools reviews PreK-12 curricula and programming every five years. Nearing the conclusion of the 5-year period, a programmatic evaluation is conducted to review the impact of the curriculum on student learning outcomes, as well as the resources supporting the curriculum. A team of Colchester Public Schools educators are assembled to make recommendations for improvements to programming based upon national curricular frameworks, Connecticut state frameworks, research, and evidence-based practice. Those recommendations are then presented to the Board of Education. The 5-year review cycle is linked below.

5-Year Curriculum Review Schedule

Board of Education Approved Curricula

Computer Science (In Review)

Career & Technical Education (2019)

Digital Literacy & Innovations (2020)

English Language Arts (2020)

Health & Balanced Living (2020)

Math (2022)

Music (2024)

NGSS Science (2020)

Preschool (2023)

School Counseling (In Review)

Social Emotional Learning (2023)

Social Studies (2018)

Visual Literacy (2019)

World Language (2019)

Writing (In Review)